Alec Skempton

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A Particle of Clay: The Biography of Alec Skempton, Civil Engineer, a book about Judith’s father, was published in 2002, a year after his death.

One of the most eminent engineers of the 20th century, both on the national and international stage, ‘Skem’ was truly an influential figure in the discipline of soil mechanics. In the late 1940s he was instrumental in developing the subject, and formed the first university department of soil mechanics at Imperial College, London.

Over the years the research, papers and books flowed, as did the accolades and recognition. But this is not a book about soil mechanics alone – it tells about the man and how he viewed life, what influences formed him, and how he approached challenges. It reveals the private man behind the public image, and how he would be content only with a job well done.

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Reviews of A Particle of Clay

‘A magnificent and moving account of someone we all loved and admired enormously’
Professor Robert Mair, University of Cambridge

‘The book charts the life of one of the 20th century’s most eminent civil engineers, including his instrumental work in the development of soil mechanics, as well as his attitudes towards work and life’
Ground Engineering, March 2003

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‘No review can do this book justice - it is a must for anyone who attended Imperial College, who is an engineer, or who has an interest in the history of engineering and the early engineers’
Professor John Burland, The Journal of City and Guilds College Association